Definitely, Ford is doing nearly everything right in my book. At the moment I can't think of another manufacturer that's offering so many different performance options across so many budgets and needs. The only gap I see is they don't yet have a midsize performance sedan but I have to hope that they're working on a… » 3/02/15 12:26pm Monday 12:26pm

That specific technology wouldn't work for reasons mentioned by others however there are now electrically activated tint films available that could probably be adapted to cars. They're normally clear but then can tint themselves when current is applied. » 2/26/15 1:37pm 2/26/15 1:37pm

That's exactly what Tesla owners in Texas do (I know a few). They go to Tesla's website, order the car, and the sale technically happens in CA. Tesla then tosses the car on the truck and delivers it to your house. The only real hassle for the new owner is they have to go register the car and pay the taxes in person… » 2/18/15 9:55pm 2/18/15 9:55pm

Looks heavy, at least by F1 standards. Even though it's all CF, all that extra body work will just add weight that they can't afford to carry. As it is the drivers are already having to stay insanely thin to make up for the weight of the complicated power units. » 2/17/15 12:57pm 2/17/15 12:57pm

Where's this $40k figure I keep seeing people talking about coming from? I've not seen any comment from Ford about pricing and I don't see why on Earth it'd get anywhere near $40k except with a fully optioned model. I'm expecting Ford to set their pricing around $34-35k so it's comparable to competitive models. » 2/16/15 3:47pm 2/16/15 3:47pm

I really don't get the rationale for picking the Fiesta over the Focus. The Focus ST interior is much nicer than the Fiesta's, especially if you opt for leather. The Recaros are very comfortable once broken in. The Focus ST is also very close in price to the Fiesta (with current incentives - a friend just picked up… » 2/16/15 12:57pm 2/16/15 12:57pm

I need to go back and watch the laps of the other F1 drivers on the board but as Clarkson commented it appeared that Daniel opted for a tighter line in general. I remember other F1 drivers being more smooth but Daniel seemed to take the course more like an aggressive autocrosser and was really forcing the car to… » 2/09/15 12:01pm 2/09/15 12:01pm

Do VWs not have bluetooth? What do you need a USB port for? In my experience a standard USB port doesn't put out enough power to do any significant charging to a modern Android handset; I figure most people are using a DC charger for that anyways. » 1/30/15 10:28am 1/30/15 10:28am