Because many teams are forced to give cars to the person with the biggest bank account, regardless of talent. This is why people like Max Chilton and Pastor Maldonado have a seat that they quite frankly don't deserve. Making it harder to get a license sets the talent bar a bit higher even if you're wealthy enough to… » 9/12/14 11:06am 9/12/14 11:06am

I can only speak to what I'm seeing in Austin but we have a stand-alone Fiat + Alfa dealership (truly stand-alone, not sitting next to a Chrysler lot) and they're not associated with the Maserati/Ferrari dealer. I don't think the Maserati pairing is across the board. » 9/02/14 12:46pm 9/02/14 12:46pm

My FoST has the RPM dip when coming to a stop, usually coincides with it being hot outside (95+) and having the AC blasting, and I've had it stall a handful of times since I bought the car in late 2012. The latest Cobb AP tunes seem to exaggerate the issue. Glad there's finally a fix on the way. Happy to say that… » 8/16/14 12:57pm 8/16/14 12:57pm

Must be personal preference - I'm 6'2" and the only dimension on the interior I'd change is to make the steering wheel telescope a bit futher out. Otherwise I like the way the car wraps around me. As for back seat space, I don't care about those people. If they were important they wouldn't be in the back seat. ;) » 8/13/14 4:38pm 8/13/14 4:38pm

In some cases it's not even that hard. I used to have an 09 Tacoma base model, only option it came with was AC. No cruise control or intermittent wipers. All it took to add CC was a $15 switch and two wires to the ECU. As for the intermittent wipers, you just swapped the non-intermittent stalk with an intermittent… » 8/07/14 11:46am 8/07/14 11:46am